Male Aesthetics – On the Rise

Men's aesthetics are on the rise. Since 2002, men's number one non-surgical procedure has been neurotoxins (e.g. botox), and there has been an 84% increase in men's botulinum toxin procedures in the last 5 years.

In a recent survey of men (N=600, aged 35-65) who were considering medical aesthetic facial treatment within the next several years, 80% of men chose "crow's feet" as the highest priority treatment area. This surveyed group had not yet been treated with Botox Cosmetic and/or a dermal filler. Other findings included: the male patient cares about his facial appearance; is well-educated; aware of fashion trends; is in a relationship; is willing to spend money on his facial appearance; and tends to use social media. Men's concerns are similar to women's in that he does not want to look "fake" or "overdone".

We have discussed fillers before, and they work quite well; and can especially work synergistically with botox; as the botox can "relax" the muscle which is contracting and making some of the wrinkles and creases worse, thus making the filler more effective. There are other fillers that can add volume to the face ( e.g. Voluma) and thus further "shape" certain features of the face. These are positioned deep near the bone as opposed to the fillers that address the "wrinkles" and "creases" that are placed more superficial. Basic anti-aging skin care programs also include peels and products to address hyperpigmentation problems.

Basic skin care programs are also helpful to help rejuvenate and maintain the health of the skin. The Texas sun can be brutal, creating "free radicals" that damage the cells manifesting as the typical "aging" and "damage" signs such as wrinkles, creases, hyperpigmentation (brown spots and black spots), and "waxy" appearance to the skin. Sun exposure also increases the risk of skin cancers which tend to develop with the accumulation of sun damage. The use of a "complete" sun blocker (block both the UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays) cannot be over-emphasized. I recommend the LaRoche-Posay product with Anthelios SX which also contains a moisturizing cream ( with Mexoryl SX), however there are a lot of other good products available at your pharmacy.

Facial cosmetic surgery for men has also been increasing, and these procedures can restore the tissues to a more normal position: e.g.. facelifting techniques, brow lifts, and blepharoplasty which is especially popular with men to relieve the troubling "tired", aging look when the periorbital tissues sag. Neck lifts are popular, and even rhinoplasty which can address the "drooping" nasal tip and other deformities of the nose from old injuries, such as old fractures from football, baseball, etc. These can be done on an outpatient basis with recovery dependent on the procedure or combination of procedures.

I have found that men are more accepting of cosmetic surgery in recent years and want to look as good as they can for their wives, girlfriends, and their jobs/professions. Fortunately, there are a number of treatments, and procedures available that will fit almost anyone's goals.

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