Lift Now Preferred over Big

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the number of women having breast lifts has risen almost 600 percent in the past 16 years. Fashion and Hollywood set the trend for what is popular and smaller breasts on the runway are winning out – however, they are not "natural" in that they don't "sag". Women want a natural looking breast, but the way it was when they were young – high and full. I've been hearing patients say "I want my breasts to look the way they did before gravity and babies!" Breasts of these women are sagging; essentially the skin and ligaments stretch and tissue shrinks, giving the breast a flat appearance. Often the nipple is facing down rather than out. A breast lift, mastopexy, is typically done by cutting away excess skin and redistributing the filling. In most cases I raise the nipple by making an incision and pulling it upward and the inner tissue is remodeled through another incision that runs downward to the bottom of the breast. We have used synthetic mesh and barbed threads in the past to help lift the breast and now there is a new product called GalaFlex that I am excited to tell you about. GalaFlex is a strong mesh (four-to-five times stronger than the natural breast) manufactured by Galatea Surgical and it is FDA approved. It is used in a mastopexy procedure to help lift and support the breast. It is absorbed into the body after one-to-two years and is replaced with the patient's own tissue that has grown into it. Studies have shown that the use of GalaFlex reduces the possibility of stretching or relapse and adds about $1000 to a breast lift procedure. If you are experiencing breast drooping due to age and/or breast feeding, give me a call today. Mention this blog for a free lift consult!


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