"SERI" - Not the voice in your phone


I'm dedicated to continuing education and discovery of new technology which will produce better results. I attended a "bioskills" lab sponsored by Allergan Medical regarding their "Surgical Scaffold product called "SERI". The workshop consisted of didactic lectures by expert plastic surgery colleagues on the indications and usage of this product as well as a "hands-on" lab where the product could be used by attendees and get some expert advice and "pearls" from the experts.

These "biologically" derived products are cutting edge technology allowing us to treat difficult soft tissue problems especially around the breast and abdomen; some of which we could not treat effectively before.

Among these products include: "Alloderm", Strattice", form Lifecell corporation: an acellular regenerative tissue matrix, derived from human dermis; and SERI; soft tissue support system, not derived from human or animal sources, but rather silk (silk worms) instead.

All of these products are FDA-approved and support soft tissue/ healing eventually being incorporated into the body's own tissues. As these products evolve, they will enable us to deal more effectively with some of the most vexing and difficult problems we are facing in breast and abdominal surgery/reconstruction.

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