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Financial Arrangements

An itemized surgical estimate is given to you either at the time of your consultation or shortly thereafter pending validation of the appropriate fees with the various facilities (e.g. facility fees, anesthesia fees, etc.) Insurance companies will not reimburse the cost of cosmetic surgery, but if you itemize deductions on your federal taxes, all surgery costs may be deducted as medical expenses. 


Financing for cosmetic procedures is available and can be discussed with the office staff. For all non-cosmetic surgery, we request a completed insurance form and a copy of your insurance card on your first visit. All insurance claims will be filed for you by our insurance coordinator. For your convenience, we also accept VISA and Mastercard. 


At the time elective surgery is scheduled, a "surgical" deposit, which varies with the type of surgery performed, will be discussed with you. Deposits are set by the doctor and are payable with scheduling. Dr. Lugger participates with a number of HMO's and PPO's and will be glad to assist you with these plans.



Pre-Admission Approved and Second Opinions

Many insurance carriers now require pre-authorization for hospital admissions or surgery. Also HMO patients need a referral prior to office visit. Please check with your insurance carrier to determine their specific requirements. Benefits may be significantly reduced if these are not followed. We will be happy to assist you in satisfying these criteria.