Love Your Tummy Again

Part of a "Mommy Makeover", abdominoplasty (often called a "tummy tuck") is a procedure that can remove excess fat and skin from the lower abdomen, and if the abdominal muscles have been stretched or displaced; these can be tightened to help contour and reshape your abdomen and waistline. Particularly after child birth, the soft tissues and muscles become "stretched out" and the abdominal contour you once had is gone. Not only pregnancy can affect your abdomen this way, but also weight gain/loss, surgeries such as bariatric surgery, and the presence of any previous trauma, hernias (umbilical and ventral e.g.). Obviously it is best to seek this type of surgery after you are finished having ch

The Windows to Your Soul

As the eyes are said to be the "window to the soul"; when looking at someone, we usually look into their eyes first. One of the common signs of aging are the "sagging" lids; sometimes they even interfere with our visual fields and can be accompanied by protruding fat pads, and wrinkles. Are your eyes experiencing "aging"? There is a great procedure for rejuvenating the eyes and the periorbital area: Blepharoplasty. Blepharoplasty can address the redundant tissue: saggy lid tissue usually of the upper lids, and to a lesser extent the lowers lids; and can help with some of the "extra fat" protrusions. However, recent studies have shown certain amounts, and strategically positioned amounts of f

A Word About Fillers

As we age, we all get those "cracks" and "crevices" on our face. Some of these are "static" - that is they develop over time from "sun damage", perhaps trauma. There are also "dynamic" lines which can develop from muscle action (we all use our facial muscles to "frown", "smile", etc. and over time these lines can occur (botox can help with this but that's the subject of another upcoming blog.) The best thing you can put on your face? SUNBLOCK! Use of sunblock can heop prevent or lessen the so-called "free radical damage" that the sun's rays (uv band) does to our face (and all of our exposed skin). Also the uvA band is particularly dangerous in causing or facilitating the development of s

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