"SERI" - Not the voice in your phone

I'm dedicated to continuing education and discovery of new technology which will produce better results. I attended a "bioskills" lab sponsored by Allergan Medical regarding their "Surgical Scaffold product called "SERI". The workshop consisted of didactic lectures by expert plastic surgery colleagues on the indications and usage of this product as well as a "hands-on" lab where the product could be used by attendees and get some expert advice and "pearls" from the experts. These "biologically" derived products are cutting edge technology allowing us to treat difficult soft tissue problems especially around the breast and abdomen; some of which we could not treat effectively before. Among th

Breast Augmentation News

Once the most popular procedure, breast augmentation is the first for women ages 19-34 years. During the '90's there was concern and "controversy" about the safety of silicone gel implants, and although saline implants remained a viable option, their use too dropped off as plastic surgeons and the FDA looked to establish the safety of these devices. The FDA ruled on May 10, 2000 that saline filled implants manufactured by Mentor and McGhan corporations could continue to be marketed and used in women over 18 years of age for breast augmentation. A number of studies have looked at these safety issues as well as various somatic complaints (e.g. aches, pains in the neck, trunk and extremities) a

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