Jerry L. Lugger, M.D.


Welcome to Dr. Lugger's Reconstructive Surgery Centre. 

The word plastic surgery derives from the Greek word "plasticos" and is defined as giving form or fashion to matter. By improving bodily function or correcting displeasing facial and body features we enhance the quality of life of our patients.


Among other things, The Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Centre of the Southwest treats: 


  • Aesthetic Surgery - including procedures on the face, breasts, nose, eyes, ears, trunk, and extremities, and contour surgery of the trunk, abdomen, face arms, thighs

  • Benign and Malignant tumors of the skin, head, neck, and extremities including reconstruction for cancers of these areas: face breasts, trunk, and extremities

  • Hand Surgery - including trauma, carpal tunnel, work-related injuries, congenital deformities

  • Breast Reconstruction

  • Injuries, accidents, or deformities of the hands, face, trunk, and extremities including scar revision

  • Birth deformities- including congenital tumors, birthmarks, cysts

  • Burns-  including electrical, thermal, chemical, radiation, and correction of resultant scars and deformities



Jerry L. Lugger, MD, FACS, PA 

As with any surgery, the choice of your Plastic Surgeon is critical. Dr. Lugger has undergone rigorous training and examinations and has achieved the highest recognition of competence by his peers-board certification by the America Board of Plastic Surgery. He has been in private practice since 1983.



Cathy VanCuren RN, MSN

Office Manager, Nurse Cathy has been with the practice since its inception. She is a masters trained nurse who brings great experience to the practice having served as a nurse practitioner for a family practice group in the mid cities area as well as taught nursing on the college level. Her expertise is used as Administrative director of the Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Centre of the Southwest where she coordinates patient care and also is the main contact for patient care in the practice.  



Hospitals and Surgical Facilities


Dr. Lugger has staff privileges at the following hospitals and facilities: 


THR Alliance Hospital

THR Alliance Outpatient Surgery Center


Baylor Medical Center at Grapevine

HCA Medical Plaza Ft. Worth

Ft. Worth Surgery Center